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Every last one of us will have unsightly lumps and bumps and moles and marks and tags and bits and pieces we would rather not have on our skin. Chances are your GP is just too busy or not really focussed on fitting in a rushed excision in the middle of a morning’s consultation list.

Then again, who wants to go to the trouble of getting a referral to a plastic surgeon, booking months in advance, waiting for the consultation, in and out in five minutes to be told to book another time for the actual surgery, waiting again for the excision, paying a fortune, all for a minor lump or bump? Sebaceous cysts, moles, nevi, tags, keratoses, warts: bring them in and leave them here with us.

Make an easy appointment with Dr Mahony for all your unwanted skin bits and pieces and chances are he’ll be able to deal with them on the day. If not, he’ll set aside time promptly to deal with your lumps expertly.


I have various moles and skin tags. Can you help?

Yes, Dr Mahony can excise moles, sebaceous cysts, remove skin tags, lipomas and keratoses. You do not need a referral for that, just need to book a medical consultation with Dr Mahony.