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Fractioned Erbium Laser

The Erbium laser revolutionised facial skin resurfacing when it first emerged in the mid 1990s. It offered big changes to facial skin texture with less downtime than seen with CO2 lasers.

But, today,  patients want their face skin renewed with as short a recovery time as possible. They also want to scale the degree of change – some wanting modest changes achieved quickly and safely, others want more substantial changes and can put aside the time required to recover from strong treatments.

FRACTIONATING an Erbium laser treatment means splitting up the laser beam into lots of tiny laser light dots (in this case each approx 300 micrometres in diameter). Dotting the laser beam in this way allows us to treat a “fraction” of the epidermis in an even and controlled manner – perhaps 20%, perhaps 80%, depending on what you need. Recovery is faster than with full resurfacing, and results still very substantial.

GENTLE  fractionated erbium laser treatments can be as easy as a light peel or a microdermabrasion treatment – but with stronger results.

STRONG fractionated erbium laser treatments will require that you stay home for a week to recover, but your skin will be forever smoother and softer, often looking years younger.

See us in consultation to determine if fractionated erbium laser is suitable for you.