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How do you tighten skin?

Aside from applying nutritional skin care, most non-surgical strategies aimed at tightening skin do so by applying a physical chemical or energetic force to the deeper layers of the skin, the dermis, which then produces new collagen in repairing itself.

Our new Derma-needling treatments achieve this remarkably simply and remarkably safely. Tiny sterile needles, placed on a wheel, are rolled over the skin, creating thousands of tiny perforations. The needles pass through the epidermis and “tickle” the dermis, prompting repair with new collagen. Thereafter, the perforations are so fine that the epidermis heals over in a matter of hours.This, therefore, is a non-ablative technique that stimulates new collagen formation, diminishing the depth of fine lines and even atrophic scars. There’s little to no downtime, it’s safe, and suitable for almost all skin types.

We like to see patients here around an hour prior to their appointed treatment time so that topical anaesthetic cream can be applied (e.g. EMLA). Then the skin is cleaned and thoroughly needled with the Derma-needling wheel. Treating the face takes up to an hour, depending on the case, and may take 90 minutes if the neck is included. After the Derma-needling treatment we allow our patients to recover under our Omnilux red-light device – this hastens recovery and is a means to improved skin collagen in its own right. We include the Omnilux session in the treatment fee. Then there’s a post-Derma-needling skin care regime we recommend, discounted for Dermaneedling patients, and, again, collagen stimulating in its own right.

Side effects?

Often none at all. Sometimes the skin is a little pink. There may be a minor amount of swelling. All easily covered if necessary.

The needles are so fine that the epidermal perforations typically close in only hours, but rarely there may be some dot bleeding that may last a little longer. The needles are long enough to stimulate the dermis but generally too short to cause any bruising, so bruising is a rare event after Derma-needling.

For most patients it is worth doing say 3 treatments, generally one every 6-8 weeks. Those with acne scars or other atrophic (thinned) scars may want to do 4-6 treatments. Phone us on 9368 0100 for an appointment or for more information.