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Vitamin C Ultrasonopheresis

More nutrient, more moisture, more collagen, in the gentlest most soothing way imaginable.

Scurvy was once the scourge of the high seas. After fifty or sixty days at sea and a diet of biscuits and dried meat, sailors would suffer easy bruising, bleeding and pain.

They were suffering from a rampant breakdown of collagen, due to a lack of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is fundamental to the production and maintenance of collagen. So when old Captain Cook ordered his sailors to drink Vitamin-C-rich lime juice (hence their nickname at the time “limeys”) he was preventing scurvy, and saving their lives.

It doesn’t take much Vitamin C to prevent scurvy, but it has since been found that if high doses of Vitamin C are applied to skin then collagen levels in the skin can be augmented, leading to stronger and smoother skin.

Vitamin C is also your major water-soluble antioxidant, and can even help prevent sun damage.

It’s common now to find Vitamin C in cosmeceuticl skin care products, with high levels being found in the Ultraceuticals and SkinCeuticals lines, and achievable in the Cosmedix line, but to give your skin an extra burst of Vitamin C and multiply the levels attainable deep in the skin you should try having a Vitamin C ultrasonopheresis treatment.

What’s it like?

After cleansing the skin (and often performed after microdermabrasion) generous amounts of Ultraceutical Vitamin C is applied to the skin. Then a specially-designed ultrasound device operating at 20,000Hz is passed over and over the skin. This has the effect of vibrating the Vitamin C particles down in between your epidermal cells, overcoming the barrier function of the skin, to get more and more Vitamin C down where it can help you – Biopsy-proven.

The sensation is comfortable and soothing, moist, and slightly warm. You’ll hear from time to time the high-pitched sing of the ultrasound: 20,000Hz is close to the upper limit of human hearing. It’s a relaxing and soporific experience. Afterwards your skin will feel very smooth and full of moisture, extra pink and a little glowing.

What now?

Much as the treatment is itself a pleasant experience, you should undertake a course of treatments to see ongoing results. It would be reasonable to have a treatment every week or two. These are often performed in conjunction with microdermabrasion, and should be considered with any treatment designed to promote collagen formation, such as IPL and ReFirme.

Try one.