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Anti-wrinkle Injections

The first anti-wrinkle toxin injection has been without doubt the single most amazing and influential cosmetic medical substance over the last 20 years. It was the first non-surgical treatment doctors could offer aside from face creams to make a significant difference to wrinkles. This treatment is better known by a brand name of anti-wrinkle muscle-relaxing medication.

Now the first toxin has a rival. We have a second Anti-wrinkle toxin: an alternative form of anti-wrinkle muscle-relaxing medication.

The second Anti-wrinkle toxin injection has been in Australia for over 20 years now. Over this time it has gradually built a following of patients and doctors who prefer it over the first one. Of course, others prefer to stick with the original  brand of anti-wrinkle muscle-relaxing medication. Peach Cosmetic Medicine is a busy practice, and so we have the patient numbers to warrant carrying both brands of this popular treatment. Our patients have a choice, and people who specifically seek this second version can find it at Peach.

Which is better?

As far as Peach is concerned, this is like comparing Holdens with Fords. Some love one, some love the other. We don’t take a position on this question because there isn’t conclusive scientific evidence either way. The question is particularly perplexing because there is no internationally recognised standard way in which the doses of the two can be compared.

Both toxin treatments are measured in “units”, but the units are completely different, and the conversion ratio between the two is not established. Some writers claim that 2.5 units of the second toxin equals one unit of the first toxin, others will claim that 3 units of the second toxin is required to equal the effect of a unit of the  first version. For example, many of our female patients would have just 10 units of one toxin injected into their glabella or frown lines every three months. In offering a trial of the other toxin, some doctors would give 25 units and others would give 30 units.