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We don’t do breast augmentations. That has to be said straight away.

But if your breasts are too large, and if that size is mostly due to fatty tissue, liposuction is likely your best answer. Via tiny incisions only millimetres long (“key-hole” surgery) we can remove substantial volumes of the fat cells, leaving your breasts less burdensome and more manageable in size. Whereas full surgical breast reduction can leave significant scarring, sensation changes and shape changes, these problems and risks are virtually eliminated by choosing a liposuction approach to breast reduction (in suitable cases).

Man-boobs are also something of a specialty for us. Some men carry awkward amounts of fat on their chests, giving a “man-boob” appearance. Liposuction makes a huge difference, removing the extra fat through tiny incisions, leaving you with a more masculine appearance. Patients are invariably highly grateful for their new look, and berate themselves for having not had this work done earlier in their lives.

And of course we regularly assess and treat cosmetic skin problems, unwanted hair, moles, bumps, skin tags, broken capillaries, etc on breasts as we do everywhere else.

Common Problems

  • Unwanted hair
    • Hypertrichosis
    • Hirsutism
  • Large Breasts
  • Man Boobs

Our Breast Treatments