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Velasmooth PRO

For non-invasive improvement in the appearance of cellulite

Under normal skin there is a fine network of collagen fibres providing support to the structure of the skin and attaching it to underlying structures. There is also a layer of fat, held in place by this same fine fibre network. The attachments are sufficiently numerous and the skin sufficiently firm for the skin to appear smooth.

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As time passes, in certain locations of the body, and under hormonal and genetic influence, this fine network of collagen fibres gets a few holes in it. In place of a network of many many fine collagen fibres, there develops instead a more chaotic collection of coarser fibres, attaching here and there to the skin. Where these coarse fibres attach to the skin (often thinned in these people) they create a little dimple. Such patients often (but not always) have some excess fat at these locations. The excess fat tends to bulge under the skin between the little dimples. This is cellulite.

There are essentially three ways of treating cellulite:

  1. Reduce the fat in the bulges
  2. Or stretch the collagen fibres to reduce the depths of the dimples
  3. And/or encourage the development of a new, fine, ordered fibre network

Velasmooth works to stretch the fibres to reduce the dimples. And stimulates the development of a new finer fibre network. It combines suctioning, rolling, infrared, and radio frequency modalities in one treatment. Suctioning and rolling helps to stretch the rogue fibres. Heat, infrared and radiofrequency works to deeply stimulate new fibre development under the skin, in an ordered and fine fashion.

What are the treatments like?

They are firm. Some patients liken them to a deep massage. Others think of them as a too-deep massage! Either way, we are trying to get a result for you, and so will treat you as firmly as you allow.

Treatments go for 45 minutes, and cost $120 each if paid for one at a time. (cheaper if you buy a package)

Side effects?

Around 10% get bruises, but they clear up pretty quickly. We don’t see other side effects.


Velasmooth isn’t the same as liposuction. Some clinics claim it is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction, but that is rubbish.

Velasmooth is no substitute for diet and exercise. It won’t make you lose weight. Whether it makes you lose “inches” is debatable – some patients swear they’ve lost centimetres by Velasmooth alone, but other patients expecting to lose centimetres are disappointed. So this is not something we promise. Combined with your diet and exercise regime, though, it will help to get and keep your skin looking smoother than it would otherwise look.

We can’t guarantee a specific level of outcome with any particular patient, but we will assess you in the practice and let you know whether we think Velasmooth will help you, and we will apply this safe, inexpensive, non-invasive treatment as well as we can for you.


Single treatment $190 for a 45 minute appointment.

Prepay a series of eight (8) treatments for just $1520 and we will throw in an extra 2 treatments, saving you $380.

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Treatment Costs

Single treatment (45 minute session)
10 treatments (45 minute sessions)


I have cellulite on my abdomen and legs, summer is coming, want to wear my bikini can you help me with that?

VELASmooth is a medical device used to reduce cellulite and flacidity on the body. It combines electro-optical energies, infra-red light and vacuum massage to manipulate the fibrous bonds that constrict fatty deposits. These constricted fatty deposits are the cause of dimpling and cellulite. So, we recommend a series of VELASmooth treatments , between 6 to 12, to reduce the appearance of cellulite and to firm the body.

How does it work?

This device manipulates the skin and the fat layer beneath the skin as well as the fibrous bonds that constrict fatty deposits and simultaneously providing heat to subcutaneous fat. This helps to break down and metabolise unwanted fat cells. While the heat , infrared and radio frequency works to deeply stimulate new fibre development under the skin, making the skin firmer.

How does it feel?

It is not painful. It feels like a deep massage, most patients find pleasant.

What areas can be treated?

Abdomen, thighs, buttocks and upper arms.

How many treatments do I need?

We recommend a course of 6 to 12 treatments , ideally twice a week. After a series of treatments, 2 maintenance treatments are recommended within 3 to 6 months, to keep your body firm.