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Beauty Tips & Advice

Follow our Peach skin care approach!

P – Protect : your skin needs a daily SPF with zInc oxide ( protection against UVA and UVB rays).

E – Exfoliate your skin 2 to 3 x a week,to speed up cell renewal and to improve skin texture.

A – Use active ingredients such as: vitamin A, B and C to promote collagen and skin elasticity.

C – Cleansing your skin 2 x a day with an active and a gentle cleanser.

H – Hydrate your skin with hyaluronic acid and B5 daily.

Keep it Natural

Our Peach approach encourages smaller doses of injectables and fillers more often for a natural look. Less is more. Dr Mahony will advise you what can be done to decrease the signs of ageing for a healthier skin and appearance.

Working in synergy.

Our aim is to improve one’s overall appearance. Dr Mahony recommends injectables and fillers to reduce lines and loss of volume. All that in synergy with in clinic skin treatments such as: microhydrabrasions, chemical peels, IPL photo rejuvenation, Ederma stamping to also improve skin texture, tone and elasticity.

Use of cosmeceuticals skin care products

We recommend the use of cosmeceuticals skin care products, due to a higher percentage of active ingredients and a more efficient delivery system. So your skin will really change and rejuvenate.
Here at Peach, we carefully chose a variety of cosmeceuticals products. Our trained aestheticians will help you in selecting your skin care regime.


One needs regular exercises to improve fitness level. Your skin also needs a fitness programme to maintain youthfulness. A series of in clinic treatments such as: microhydrabrasion, chemical peels, IPL photo rejuvenation (according to your needs) will restore skin’s youth, texture, tone and elasticity.

Maintain the results achieved!

In order to maintain the results achieved with Dr Mahony’s treatments in synergy with in clinic treatments, you must follow your skin care regime with cosmeceuticals skin care products and a daily use of sun protection to avoid sun damage.

Anti ageing ingredients

We recommend the use of topical vitamin C skin care and topical vitamin A, due to their anti ageing properties. Vitamin C should be used in the mornings (dose varies according to skin type and needs) to prevent free radical damage, pigmentation, to assist in sunscreen protection and to stimulate collagen. Retinol (Vitamin A) should be used at night (dose varies according to skin type and needs). It promotes collagen, improves skin texture, helps with congested skin and it generates cellular turnover.